Josip A Borovac

Josip A Borovac

Cardiology Fellow and Clinical Investigator


Clinic for Heart and Vascular Diseases, University Hospital of Split, Split, HR

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Dr. Josip A. Borovac is a Research Associate at the Department of Pathophysiology, University of Split School of Medicine, and a Cardiology Fellow at the Clinic for Heart and Vasular Diseases, University Hospital of Split, Croatia. He is an active member of the Croatian Cardiac Society Working group on Heart Failure, a national representative of Croatia in the Heart Failure Association's Heart Failure Specialists of Tomorrow (ESC HFA HoT) Committee, and ESC Working Group on Thrombosis Young Researchers (YTRG) Nucleolus member.

Areas of his scientific and clinical interest include heart failure, acute coronary syndromes, coronary artery disease, novel cardiometabolic biomarkers, and advanced electrocardiography related to ischaemic heart disease. He currently serves on the Editorial boards of BMC Cardiovascular Disorders (Springer Nature), Cardiac Failure Review (Radcliffe Cardiology), and Medicine (LWW). He won several academic awards for research excellence of which most significant was the Researcher of the Year Under 40 Years of Age“ awarded by the Croatian Medical Chamber (HLK) in 2019.

Dr Josip A Borovac is a Section Editor of Cardiac Failure Review and may be contacted here.

Web of Science profile and Google Scholar Profiles can be accessed here. 

Articles by Josip A Borovac, Cardiology Fellow and Clinical Investigator

Treatment of Persistent Left Atrial Appendage Thrombus in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation on Adequate Oral Anticoagulation: Pathways of Care for All-comers and Heart Failure Patients

Josip Katic, Josip A Borovac,


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Carbohydrate Antigen 125: A Biomarker at the Crossroads of Congestion and Inflammation in Heart Failure

Marko Kumric, Tina Ticinovic Kurir, Josko Bozic, et al


Citation: Cardiac Failure Review 2021;7:e19.

Electronic Cigarettes and Cardiovascular Risk: Caution Waiting for Evidence

Domenico D’Amario, Stefano Migliaro, Josip A Borovac, et al


Citation: European Cardiology Review 2019;14(3):151–8

Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence and Humanisation of Clinical Pathways in Heart Failure Management: Back to the Future and Beyond

Domenico D’Amario, Francesco Canonico, Daniele Rodolico, et al


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