Henry J Dargie

Consultant Cardiologist

Western Infirmary, Glasgow

  • Radcliffe


Dr Henry J Dargie is Consultant Cardiologist at Western Infirmary, Glasgow, and Director of the National Advanced Heart Failure Service, Glasgow (1980-2010)

Research Achievements

  • Metolozone in renal failure and heart failure
  • Total Body Potassium in heart and renal failure
  • Early work on role of SNS in hypertension
  • Early RCT work on role of captopril in HF
  • LVH and ventricular arrhythmias
  • Epidemiology of LV dysfunction (MRC and BHF Programme Grant holder for 10 years)
  • Role of BNP in detection of LV dysfunction, mortality prediction
  • MRI and cardiac remodelling