JIM 2020: Innovations in TAVI — Dr Oscar Mendiz

Dr Oscar A Mendiz (Favaloro Foundation, Buenos Aires, AR) discusses innovations in transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVI) at JIM 2020.
1. Can you describe your case presented at JIM 2020?
2. How does this showcase innovation in TAVI in 2020?
3. What do you consider the greatest innovations in TAVI to date?
4. For which patients do you now recommend TAVI?
5. Should TAVI be the default treatment for patients with symptomatic AS over surgery?
6. What unmet needs still exist in TAVI? Are there innovations on the horizon to solve these?
Filmed on location at the JIM 2020.
Interviewer: Ashlynne Merrifield
Videographer: Dom Woodruff