A Guide to Calculating SYNTAX Score

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Since its first publication, the SYNTAX score has been used and validated in several subsets of lesions and populations. Despite some concerns about its reproducibility between cardiologists and its power of discrimination, the SYNTAX score remains the most powerful angiographic tool to predict events after percutaneous coronary intervention. Knowledge and mastering of the SYNTAX score definitions is of paramount importance and is the first step to an adequate stratification. This short article presents the different steps of the scoring system of SYNTAX score and focuses on the variables with the highest interobserver variability.

The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare.
Philippe G├®n├®reux, Columbia University Medical Centre, The Cardiovascular Research Foundation, 111 East 59th St, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10022, US. E: pg2295@columbia.edu
Received date
14 January 2012
Accepted date
04 February 2012
Interventional Cardiology, 2012;7(1):21-3
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