European Bifurcation Club & Simple Education partnership

The EBC / Simple Partnership:

In July 2016, Simple Education and European Bifurcation Club entered into a unique partnership where selected live cases from the EBC 2016 course would be hosted on the platform, we are pleased to introduce you to this world class content and this innovative medical education platform that is truly a leap forwards in how medical education is delivered.

European Bifurcation Club

The EBC has 5 main aims to help to create a European group thinking:

1.       To establish the European Bifurcation Club as a referred think tank in the treatment of coronary bifurcation lesions.

2.       To interact with the medical industry in the development of new concepts, new processes and devices and confer scientific credibility upon new clinical and technological projects. A club of industrial partners could also be created with an identifying logo.

3.       To establish and publish updated consensus and non-consensus on coronary bifurcation comprehension, definitions and treatments.

4.       To create a website, that will be made available to sponsors for product/device promotion as well as to publish all relevant presentations

5.       To organize future meetings and workshops in Europe in order to improve knowledge and technical skills in this field

Simple Education:

Simple Education is an online e-learning medical education platform that enables healthcare professionals from across the globe to engage with world class medical education, delivered by leading names in the cardiology world.

Simple Education enables users to purchase individual 'components', typically for £2.99, or whole streams or 'moments', typically for £12.99. This means HCPs can access world class content in their own time, at their office / home and engage with precisely the content they are interested in.

The unique Simple Education algorithm learns and adapts to user behaviour, which means that based on the content a HCP has already engaged with other relevant content will be suggested.

Please see a list of all European Bifurcation Club content below:

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