Navigating Through Mechanistic Features and Treatment Strategies During PCI for Stent Failure

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Stent failure remains a significant challenge in the treatment of CAD, and a recurring burden within the complex PCI setting. This webinar aims to best illustrate how understanding of the mechanisms that trigger the onset of ISR is key in determining treatment strategies and how – through algorithms and case-based tips and tricks – to maximise outcomes with diagnostic and treatment technologies.


Peter O’Kane

Peter O’Kane

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Recognise the interacting factors that can lead to stent failure
  • Understand how effectively physiological assessment can guide PCI for angiographic restenosis
  • Demonstrate how routine use of using intra-coronary imaging can identify the aetiology of stent failure
  • Through case-based examples show how specific devices for lesion preparation can be efficiently targeted toward the mechanism of restenosis to optimise PCI for long term durability

Target Audience

  • Interventional Cardiologists
  • Interventional Fellows
  • Registrars with an interest in interventional cardiology

Faculty Biographies

Peter O’Kane

Peter O’Kane

Dr Peter O'Kane has been Editor-in-Chief of Interventional Cardiology: Reviews, Research, Resources (ICR3) since July 2021.

Dr Peter O’Kane was appointed as a consultant interventional cardiologist at Royal Bournemouth Hospital in July 2007 and has performed more than 7000 PCI cases. He has extensive experience with coronary physiology and intra-coronary imaging to guide intervention and the many tools and techniques to manage bifurcations, calcification and chronic occlusions.

Dr O'Kane has given his permission to be contacted here.


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