Roundtable Discussion: Physiology-guided PCI: What is the Right Choice for the Most Accurate Decision Making?

Published: 21 September 2018

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Adrian P Banning, Thomas Engstrøm, Giuseppe Tarantini


This expert-led discussion was filmed on 21st September 2018 with Professor Adrian Banning (as moderator) and Professors Thomas Engstrøm and Giuseppe Tarantini. This footage aims to highlight the limitations of FFR and iFR and how novel technologies and emerging resting indicies may offer solutions in coronary physiology. 

Learning objective

  • learn more about patient-specific decision making strategies in physiology-guided PCI.
  • discuss the limitations of FFR and iFR measurements and gain insight on how to overcome them.
  • become aware of signal drift on pressure guidewire and novel technologies that limit its impact on accuracy.
  • assess the role of emerging resting indices such as dPR.
  • listen to the personal insight of Cardiology Key Opinion Leaders on the future of coronary physiology.

Target Audience

  • Interventional Cardiologist doing more than 50 physiology-guided PCI per year
  • Believers in iFR and/or FFR

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