PFO Closure: 60 Second Insights

Published: 08 March 2018

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A short series of 60-second insight videos on PFO Closure. Hear the expert views in under one minute!

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Part 1

Do you use imaging? If so, What Imaging (ICE/TTE)?

Part 2

What is your measure of procedural/follow-up success?

Part 3

What is your favourite PFO closure device, and why?

Part 4

What is your anticoagulant regime for PFO?

Part 5

What is the trial evidence to support the use of PFO closure devices?

Part 6

Is there ever a need for a surgical PFO closure?

Part 7

In which cases do you perform PFO closure?

Part 8

How would you advise someone to set up a PFO closure program?

Faculty Biographies

Horst Sievert

Horst Sievert


Dr Horst Sievert, MD, is the Director of the CardioVascular Center Frankfurt, Sankt Katharinen, and the Department of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Vascular Medicine of the Sankt Katharinen Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Dr Sievert is also an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine/Cardiology at the University of Frankfurt. Dr Sievert became Director of the Department of Interventional Cardiology and Angiology of the Heart Center Rotenburg in 1990, Senior Consultant at the Bethanien Hospital in Frankfurt in 1993, and Director of the CardioVascular Center Frankfurt, Sankt Katharinen in 2003. He has been the principal investigator in a number of clinical trials and has authored more than 130 manuscripts and 500 abstracts in peer-reviewed journals and 50 books and book contributions. 

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