Left Main Bifurcation Live Case Series

Published: 19 February 2021

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In this live case series Professor James Spratt and Dr Thierry Lefèvre will guide us through a progressive and comprehensive educational journey around the globe. We will join various live case centres, over 11 months to learn from over 30 expert perspectives on how LMPCI is performed in a contemporary setting.

The aim of the series being, to break down the complexity of the whole procedure into a systematic, algorithmic, step by step approach. Simplified for us by top operators and faculty, through live cases and relevant flash lectures to support the learning.

With LM PCI being the most divisive procedure performed in interventional cardiology currently, the need to stay informed and aware of innovation in products and techniques has become all the more important.

For more information on the Left Main Bifurcation series, and to watch events LIVE, please register by clicking HERE

Now more than ever, Boston Scientific is committed to finding new and innovative ways to support you as you look to provide the very best patient care.

WITH YOU every day, educating, innovating and tackling Left Main Bifurcation together.

More from this programme

Part 1

The Process Behind the Procedure: An Introduction to Left Main PCI

Part 2

The Role of IVUS

In this session Professor James Spratt summarizes Live Case 1 from Belfast and is joined by Dr Joost Daemen and Dr Jose de la Torre to discuss IVUS driven strategy and optimization. Dr Colm Hanratty and Professor Robert Byrne take us through an IVUS led left main case from the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin.

Part 3

Approach to LMS & Choosing Stent Strategy

This Left Main Live case focuses on the decision making, based on the guidance of the European Bifurcation Club’s latest consensus, around choosing a stent strategy for left main bifurcations. Broadcast live from Clinique St Augustin, Bordeaux, watch how Dr Oliver Darremont and Dr Nicolas Boudou treat a patient with a very tight distal LMS trifurcation and how they used imaging to help their decision making to choose an appropriate stent strategy.

Part 4

Lesion Preparation

The fourth live case focussed on lesion preparation with a broadcast from Humanitas Research Hospital in Milan with Dr Bernhard Reimers and Dr Gabriele Luigi Gasparini operating with IVUS commentary by Dr Damiano Regazzoli Lancini. A very complex case was chosen with a subtotal occlusion of a very calcified and tortuous LAD and left main disease with many challenges trying to get into the distal LAD. The left main was assessed with IVUS. Eventually the subintimal track was dilated and the patient will be brought back in a few months for PCI.

Part 5

Provisional LM Stenting (Single Stent)

In Live Case 5 the operators used both physiology and IVUS to guide their decision making. Comet pressure wire in the circumflex showed negative DFR and FFR readings, and IVUS showed no disease at the circumflex ostium so they decided to go with a stepwise provisional strategy. They systematically used IVUS to plan the stent strategy (pullbacks in both LAD and LCX) and very thoroughly demonstrated how to assess “the 3 L’s – lesion, length, and landing zones”. A second stent was deployed and final angiographic result was excellent. A systematic, planned, clear, concise and expertly delivered case.

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