HF 22: Findings from the Pooled Analysis of DEFINE-HF and PRESERVED-HF

Published: 22 May 2022

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In this short interview, Dr Mikhail Kosiborod (Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, Kansas City, US) shares the findings from the pooled analysis of DEFINE-HF and PRESERVED-HF.
The study, presented first at Heart Failure 2022, showed that that dapagliflozin improved symptoms and physical limitations in patients with HF and that the benefits were highly consistent across the entire range of LVEF.

1. Can you briefly describe the what the study was what studies were included in the pooled analysis?
2. Can you summarise the study design features?
3. What were the important features of the patient population at baseline?
4. What were the overall effect on dapagliflozin on the KCCQ-CSS and was this seen across the individual domains?
5. Was this impact the same across different sub-groups?
6. How should physicians use this data in the treatment of their patients with HF?

Recorded at Heart Failure 2022, Madrid.

Videographers: Tom Green & Mike Knight
Interviewer: Sean Delaney