CRT 2020: Duration of DAPT Treatment in ST Prevention

Published: 04 Mar 2020

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Prof Dean J Kereiakes (The Lindner Research Center at The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, OH, US) co-principal investigator of the DAPT Study, discusses the effectiveness of short-term DAPT in the prevention of stent thrombosis following stent implantation.


1.    How does the duration of DAPT affect clinical outcomes?
2.     Why is there a debate about DAPT duration?
3.    What is the clinical importance of DAPT in preventing ST?
4.    What is the optimal duration for DAPT following stent implantation?
5.    Does stent design matter?
6.    What further investigations are needed to determine the optimal DAPT duration?
7.    Could monotherapy be the answer?

Filmed on location at CRT 2020.

Interviewer: Rebekah Meola
Videographer: Charlie McClanahan