Controversies in Hyperkalaemia Management and Practical Approaches

Published: 20 January 2022

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Controversy is good. But when it comes to hyperkalaemia management, we need solutions.


Chair, Prof Sydney Tang (University of Hong Kong, HK) Prof Chuan-Ming Hao (Huashan Hospital, CN) and Dr Kieran McCafferty (Queen Mary University London, UK) discuss the implementation of hyperkalaemia management strategies for patients with CKD in line with recent guidelines updates.

This symposium was endorsed by UCL and supported by an unrestricted grant from AstraZeneca

The objectives of this educational symposium are to:

  • Highlight the burden associated with hyperkalaemia and the impact this has on the use of guideline-directed medical therapy for the treatment of CKD
  • Outline the recent updates to KDIGO guidelines around the use of potassium binders to optimise RAASi
  • Explain how guideline recommendations can be translated to daily clinical practice

Target Audience

  • Cardiologists
  • Nephrologists

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Part 1

Controversies in Hyperkalaemia Management

Overview of the symposium agenda followed by a discussion on the impact of hyperkalaemia on mortality, MACE outcomes,CKD progression and impairment of RAASi optimisation, and restriction of dietary K+. Therapeutic dilemmas and aspirations in hyperkalaemia management: interventional targets, RAASi optimisation, and low-K+diet.

Part 2

New guidelines: Advice for managing RAASi in patients with Hyperkalaemia

An overview of guidelines on the use of potassium bindersto manage hyperkalaemia and enable RAASi optimisation.

Part 3

Managing Hyperkalaemia in the real world today: A case-based study

Use of a patient case to demonstrate how new guidelines can be used in practice to enable maximal RAASi therapy.

Part 4

Panel discussion and Q&A

A discussion and Q&A with our panel.

Faculty Biographies

Kieran  McCafferty

Kieran McCafferty

Kieran McCafferty is a Consultant Nephrologist at Barts Health NHS Trust and Senior Lecturer and Queen Mary University London. His main clinical interests are diabetic kidney disease and haemodialysis. His basic science research interests are in the field of uraemic cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular protection. However he spends most of his research time developing and delivering clinical trials at both a local and national level. He has a passion for clinical trial delivery having lead on over 40 NIHR clinical trial sin the last 5 years. He is the renal clinical trials lead for Barts Health and the Diabetic Kidney disease Centre, and is the divisional director of research for specialist medicine at Barts Health and the deputy clinical director of R+D in the trust. To help deliver patients focused research across the UK he is the vice chair of the City and East London Ethics committee as well as the North Thames NIHR renal lead and deputy NIHR renal lead.

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