Controversies in Hyperkalaemia Management and Practical Approaches

Published: 20 January 2022

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Controversy is good. But when it comes to hyperkalaemia management, we need solutions.


Chair, Prof Sydney Tang (University of Hong Kong, HK) Prof Chuan-Ming Hao (Huashan Hospital, CN) and Dr Kieran McCafferty (Queen Mary University London, UK) discuss the implementation of hyperkalaemia management strategies for patients with CKD in line with recent guidelines updates.

This symposium was endorsed by UCL and supported by an unrestricted grant from AstraZeneca

The objectives of this educational symposium are to:

  • Highlight the burden associated with hyperkalaemia and the impact this has on the use of guideline-directed medical therapy for the treatment of CKD
  • Outline the recent updates to KDIGO guidelines around the use of potassium binders to optimise RAASi
  • Explain how guideline recommendations can be translated to daily clinical practice

Target Audience

  • Cardiologists
  • Nephrologists

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Part 1

Controversies in Hyperkalaemia Management

Overview of the symposium agenda followed by a discussion on the impact of hyperkalaemia on mortality, MACE outcomes,CKD progression and impairment of RAASi optimisation, and restriction of dietary K+. Therapeutic dilemmas and aspirations in hyperkalaemia management: interventional targets, RAASi optimisation, and low-K+diet.

Part 2

New guidelines: Advice for managing RAASi in patients with Hyperkalaemia

An overview of guidelines on the use of potassium bindersto manage hyperkalaemia and enable RAASi optimisation.

Part 3

Managing Hyperkalaemia in the real world today: A case-based study

Use of a patient case to demonstrate how new guidelines can be used in practice to enable maximal RAASi therapy.

Part 4

Panel discussion and Q&A

A discussion and Q&A with our panel.

Faculty Biographies

Sydney Tang

Sydney Tang

Professor Sydney Tang is currently Chair of Renal Medicine and Yu Professor in Nephrology at the University of Hong Kong. He underwent training in nephrology in Hong Kong and in basic research at King’s College London, UK, and the University of Washington, USA.

Professor Tang’s research interests revolve around pathogenetic mechanisms underlying diabetic and proteinuric kidney disease, and the treatment of immunoglobulin A nephropathy.

Professor Tang is the President-elect of the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology,an Executive Committee member of Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes, Deputy Chair of the Continuing Medical Education Committee, member of the Saving Young Lives Committee and Education Work Group and an N&E Asia Regional Board member of the International Society of Nephrology, and an International Honorary Member of the Japanese Society of Nephrology. He is a past Chairman of the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology and serves the Hong Kong…

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