AHA 2020: %PredO2P Predicts Haemodynamic Responses to Exercise in HFpEF

Published: 17 Nov 2020

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Dr Rajeev Malhotra (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, US) discusses his abstract presented during AHA 2020. 

The investigators sought to determine if percent predicted peak oxygen pulse (%PredO2P, as defined by peak oxygen uptake/heart rate), a non-invasive measure combining stroke volume and peripheral oxygen extraction, could serve as a marker of the haemodynamic response (HR) to exercise in HFpEF patients.

1.    What is the background of this study?
2.    What was the design, patient population and endpoints?
3.    What were the key results?
4.    How should these findings influence future research?

Recorded remotely from Boston, 2020.

Recording Editor: Josh Birch