AER: LIVE 2019

Published: 03 December 2019

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Radcliffe Cardiology, in collaboration with The British Heart Rhythm Society and leading open access journal, Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology Review, presents AER: Live, a new event aimed at best supporting the continuous education of health professionals engaged in arrhythmia management in the UK.

Delivered by leading figures from the British electrophysiology fraternity, AER: Live brings together decision-makers and practitioners with the common goal to maximise patient outcomes. AER: Live aims to inform, educate and disseminate best practice on the most pertinent issues from diagnosis and referral pathways, to optimal treatment strategies and the latest drugs and devices in arrhythmia management, supporting both generalist and specialist education. The aim of AER: Live is to host two events per year at various locations around the UK. Look out for news on forthcoming events on

AER: Live 2019 is supported by Medtronic & Pfizer.
The supporters had no influence on the content

Educational objectives

  • Update knowledge on the latest technologies and treatment strategies in arrhythmia management
  • Understand the role of healthcare professionals in holistic treatment and outcomes
  • Learn best-practice and the latest NHS guidance on referral pathways

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Faculty Biographies

Amir  Zaidi

Amir Zaidi

Consultant cardiologist

Dr Zaidi has been a consultant cardiologist and lead consultant for devices at Manchester Royal Infirmary since 2009. He was consultant cardiologist at the Royal Bolton Hospital from 2002-9, setting up a successful DGH ICD implant and follow-up service. He implants approximately 350 devices annually and also leads the busy regional extraction service.



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