ACC 22: Trials with Impact on Women's Heart and Population Health with Dr Purvi Parwani

Published: 14 Apr 2022

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In this review of ACC.22 late-breaking science trials, Dr Purvi Parwani (Loma Linda University Health, Loma Linda, CA, US) discusses three trials that have major impact on public health.

Trials covered in detail include:
00:41: CHAP Trial: Antihypertensive Therapy For Mild Chronic Hypertension Improves Pregnancy Outcomes: A Pragmatic Multicenter RCT

04:01: Results of the EDIT-CMD Randomized Clinical Trial: Efficacy of Diltiazem to Improve Coronary Vasomotor Dysfunction in Angina and Nonobstructive Coronary Arteries

08:58: SuperWIN: A Multisite, Randomized, Controlled Trial of a Supermarket and Web-based Intervention Targeting Nutrition For Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

Recorded on-site at ACC.22, Washington DC.

Editor: Mirjam Boros