Ventricular Assist Device in Children with Cardiac Graft Failure


We sought to determine whether ventricular assist device (VAD) support is an effective therapy in children with cardiac graft dysfunction. We conducted a retrospective review of VAD usage in this scenario at our institution. Although short-term VAD support was highly successful (89% [eight out of nine] were bridged to recovery), only 29% (2 out of 7) with long-term VAD survived to retransplant. Of note, three out of five mortalities with long-term VAD were related to sepsis (two fungal and one Gram-negative bacterial). Infectious risk imposed by ongoing immunosuppressive therapy limits the role of long-term VAD in this population.

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Adachi I, Guzmán-Pruneda FA, Khan MS, et al. ASAIO J 2015;61:729–30.