Treatment of bifurcation lesions with drug-coated balloons: A review of currently available scientific data


Bifurcation lesion management still represents a challenge for interventional cardiologists and currently there is a number of different approaches/techniques involving coronary stents. The use of a drug-coated balloon for native coronary vessel management is emerging as an alternative treatment, although in selected patient populations only. In particular, this technology has been tested for the treatment of bifurcations, both for the main vessel and the side branches. Several studies have evaluated this treatment as an alternative or as a therapeutic option complementary to stents, with conflicting and debatable results. However, the perspective of leaving lower metallic burden in this type of lesions is highly appealing and should be deeply investigated. We review here the currently available scientific data and future perspectives on drug-coated balloon use for bifurcation lesions.

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Int J Cardiol. 2016 Oct 1;220:589-94.