Transradial approach for coronary procedures in the elderly population


Transradial cardiac catheterisation has been reported to be more beneficial compared to other approaches with easier and safer post-procedural haemostasis, better patient comfort, earlier ambulation and possibility of performing procedure and discharge on the same day. There is only limited data examining transradial access in the elderly population. In this review we looked at the available literature to give an insight into how the transradial approach compared to the transfemoral and other approaches in the elderly population. Elderly population is at higher risk of vascular access site bleeding and the transradial approach has shown equal efficacy to transfemoral approach. However, transradial approach significantly reduces vascular complications, hospital stay, mobilization times and adverse cardiac events. Therefore, transradial approach should be considered as the preferred vascular access site in the elderly population.

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J Geriatr Cardiol. 2016;13:798–806.