EASD 2020: Reduction of CV events by GLP-1 RAs is explained by HbA1c reduction.

Dr Mart Roosimaa explores the relationship between CV event reduction, GLP-1 RAs and HbA1c.

In this month’s round-up, we have two videos shedding new light on GLP-1 RAs, from trials presented from the recent EASD Virtual Meeting. In the first, we hear from rising star Dr Mart Roosimaa from the University of Tartu, Estonia, who provides evidence for the central role played by HbA1c-lowering in the reduction of CV risk in T2DM patients. In our second video, esteemed diabetologist, Dr Vivian Fonseca of the Tulane University Medical Center, provides fascinating insight into the optimal timing of GLP-1 RA and basal insulin initiation for glycaemic control in uncontrolled T2DM patients.

Recorded remotely from Tartu, Estonia, 2020

Recording Editor: Michael Knight