Volcano CORE™/CORE™™Mobile / s5/s5i™ FFR/iFR® Software with Case Manager

Volcano CORE™/CORE™™Mobile / S5/S5i™ FFR/IFR® Software With Case Manager

Coronary Physiology is a guide wire based technology that analyzes pressure and flow parameters from inside of the vessel. These wires produce a simple, reproducible measurement, and are used in conjunction with angiography. The measurement provides physicians with specific clinical guidance to aid appropriate treatment.


Volcano CORE/CORE™Mobile / s5/s5i FFR/iFR® Software with Case Manager


Organize & Annotate FFR and iFR® Measurements
The Case Manager™ organizes and displays comprehensive runs in multiple vessels

Switch Seamlessly Between FFR/iFR® and IVUS on One System
Shared workflow between FFR/iFR® and IVUS may help streamline cases

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