Omron Products

Portable ECG Monitor
In Europe the main cause of mortality is cardiovascular disease or CVD (e.g. stroke, heart attack, heart failure)(1). A major risk factor for CVD is high blood pressure (2). Omron has an established reputation on monitoring of BP in home as well as hospital settings.
Non-invasive Blood Pressure Monitor with Augmentation Index
OMRON's Non-invasive blood pressure monitor with augmentation index which due to cutting edge technology provides an estimate of the central systolic blood pressure (cSBP).
Professional Blood Pressure Monitor
Most suitable monitor for use in a clinical setting. Versatile use, from fully automatic operation to manual deflation control. Oscillometric and auscultatory use combined in one unit.
MIT Elite Plus
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
This fully automatic upperarm blood pressure monitor has a highly modern slim design with a large display with backlight.
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