GANSHORN ProvoX is an aerosol dosimeter that performs inhalational provocation tests very rapidly and with reproducible results, measurement lab independently.

The threshold controlled, breath-synchronous application of the preset aerosol dose during the inspiration phase guarantees outstanding reproducible results.



  • Perfect user guidance, simple handling and well-structured display
  • Creation of own multiple stage tests with easy-to-use software
  • Storage of unlimited protocol amount with up to 14 stages – the most commonly used ones already installed (e.g. ATS, DGP)
  • Due to optimal droplet size, constant over entire bolus time, aerosol reaches respiratory tracts particularly deeply
  • Dose-changing by increasing fluid concentration and/or changing atomizing time
  • Highly effective filter for exhaled air prevents contamination of room air
  • Three-liter compressed air tank for stable atomizing pressure, refilling in less than 2 minutes at a low noise level
  • Components for single-patient use ensure perfect hygiene and safety