GANSHORN PowerCube® Diffusion+

GANSHORN PowerCube® Diffusion+

The accurate and reliable analyzers enable a high resolution display of the wash-in curves of CO and helium.

Any existing diffusion and distribution disorders become visible at first glance. Our system's demand valve regulates the gas intake, therefore providing economical benefits.



  • No volume calibration needed
  • Determination of diffusion capacity (TLCO) and helium-FRC SB meets ERS/ATS standard
  • Continuous display of the exhalation concentration for CO and helium for the precise differentiation of dead space and alveolar plateau
  • Economical measurement gas consumption
  • Optimization of the breathing manoeuvre aided by informative assistance diagrams
  • Fast multigas CO/CH4/C2H2 analyzer
  • Realtime molar mass helium analyzer