Echo in a Heartbeat. Instantaneous full-volume imaging.
Introducing a new paradigm in echo imaging and workflow - The ACUSON SC2000™ volume imaging ultrasound system - instantly transforming your echocardiography practice and giving you the power to see more.


Powerful new architecture and innovative Coherent Volume Formation technology enable Echo in a Heartbeat™ — true full-volume imaging for every patient.

Unlike traditional 3D ultrasound systems that require four to seven heart cycles to stitch together a volume, the ACUSON SC2000 ultrasound system delivers instantaneous full-volume acquisition for improved workflow and better outcomes.

  • Unparalleled information rate
  • Knowledge-based workflow
  • Adaptive ergonomics
  • Innovative technologies and applications

Knowledge-based Workflow
Accelerate your workflow. Knowledge-based workflow software uses learned pattern recognition and an expert database of real clinical cases to recognize anatomical patterns and landmarks as well as perform automatic measurements.

Unparalleled Information Rate
Full volume imaging, 90 degrees x 90 degrees at 20 volumes or more per second. No more ECG gating, no more uncertainty. Derived reference plane images from the full volume cardiac dataset give you more information in less time.

Innovative Technologies
Advanced next-generation architecture is strengthened by breakthough technologies. Coupled with high-volume rate acquisition, Coherent Volume Formation technology delivers excellent image resolution. Advanced cardiovascular applications and compliance with 3D DICOM Open Standard extend the versatility of this next generation system.Adaptive Ergonomics

Compact and highly mobile. The system adapts to all clinical environments, providing you with the ultimate in simple and stress-reduced operation. The 4Z1c single transducer solution gives you all the information you need and more — volume imaging, 2D, M-mode, spectral Doppler, and color Doppler.

ACUSON SC2000 volume imaging ultrasound system
Instantaneous, full-volume imaging has arrived. It’s real. It’s proven. It’s now.