German Cardiac Society (DGK)

The German Society for Cardiology - Heart and Circulation Research (DGK), headquartered in Dusseldorf is a nonprofit scientific and medical specialty society today more than 9600 members. Their goal is the advancement of science in the field of cardiovascular diseases, hosting meetings, the training and continuing education of its members and the establishment of guidelines.

As "German Society for Cardiovascular Research" the DGK was founded on June 3, 1927 in Bad Nauheim, making it the oldest and largest cardiological society in Europe. Initiators were Professors Bruno Kisch (Cologne) and Arthur Weber (Bad Nauheim) - supported by Franz Maximilian Groedel (Bad Nauheim, later New York), which the American College of Cardiology (ACC) co-founded 1949th From 1979 called itself the Society "German Society for Cardiovascular Research", since 1994 it operates under the present name. In the DGK cardiologists from universities and non-university institutions, practicing cardiologists, pediatric cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, scientists cardiology-theoretically active, internists, pharmacologists, physiologists, pathologists, and biologists working together.

German Society of Cardiology - Cardiovascular Research eV
Grafenberger Allee 100
40237 Dusseldorf
Phone: + 49 211 600692-0
Fax: + 49 211 600692-10

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