Biosense Webster

We help patients around the world regain their health, their energy and their lives.

Biosense Webster, Inc. ideas and innovations make a difference in the medical community's approach to diagnosing and treating arrhythmias. We enable physicians to find and help treat more types of disease. We contribute directly to improving procedural methodologies and raising success rates. And we’re committed to enhancing safety for both patients and physicians as we work to treat Afib.

Guided by the needs of electrophysiologists and cardiologists, Biosense Webster, Inc. has pioneered innovative technological advancements for more than 30 years. Some might call this quite a heritage. At Biosense Webster, Inc., we say it's just the beginning.

Join us as we continue to look for new and better ways to help physicians heal more hearts. Because that is what we do -- we put lives back in rhythm.

Biosense Webster, A Division of Johnson & Johnson Medical NV/SA
Leonardo da Vincilaan 15
1831 Diegem
Phone: +32 27463401