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ATS Medical. One focus, cardiac surgery.
ATS Medical, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of products and services focused on cardiac surgery. Global in scope, the company has remained headquartered in Minneapolis since its founding in 1991. ATS Medical serves the $2.5 billion cardiac surgery market of 9,000 cardiac surgeons in 3,000 open heart centers performing up to 1.2 million cardiac procedures each year.

The goal of ATS Medical is to become a more diversified cardiac surgery business by way of new business development and innovative leadership in proprietary technologies and services for the cardiac surgery community. The company is well positioned to leverage its sales, marketing and distribution infrastructure to build brand value and equity and deliver innovative products and services going forward. Its future growth will come from two distinct but operationally synergistic categories: heart valve therapy and surgical cardiac ablation.

Heart Valve Therapy
The heart valve therapy category includes mechanical heart valves, tissue heart valves and heart valve repair products. The ATS Open Pivot® Heart Valve was the company’s initial product and continues to spur its growth in the mechanical valve market segment. The open pivot design makes the ATS Open Pivot Heart Valve fundamentally unique from all other bileaflet valves in ways that support improved thromboresistance and clinical performance. The company continues to focus on growing the market share of the ATS Open Pivot Heart Valve from its current 15% while establishing it as the recognized standard of care worldwide.

ATS 3f® Biological Valve technologies add an entirely new dimension to the company offerings, opening up greater growth opportunities in the tissue heart valve market segment. Potential products will come from a patented tubular heart valve design that is unique and is superior in function.

ATS Simulus® Annuoplasty Rings and Bands provide an entry into the growing market of mitral valve repair. Cardiac surgeon input was the foundation for developing these prostheses, and they are experiencing continued acceptance in a highly competitive environment. Additional products are under development which will allow ATS Medical to compete in broader market segments where other styles of annuloplasty rings and bands are preferred.

Surgical Cardiac Ablation
The second growth category is the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias through surgical ablation with cryotherapy. The ATS CryoMaze™ Surgical Ablation System, the only surgical cardiac ablation option that can complete all lesions, continues to experience rapid growth and acceptance, offering a potential large-scale growth opportunity.

ATS Medical’s strategic direction and targeted investments ensure a robust product line and wide diversification of risk and opportunity over the short and long term. In each instance, the company has sharpened it’s focus on improving surgical outcomes for physicians involved in the surgical treatment of structural valve disease and advancing the standard of care for their patients.

Our Mission Statement
ATS Medical is dedicated to continuously advancing the standard of cardiovascular surgery through collaboration with customers and business partners to improve product and service performance for surgeons and quality of life for patients. It is committed to fulfilling this mission by fidelity to the concept that businesses prosper by achieving market legitimacy, that profits are a by-product of doing business well and not a moral aim of doing business, that advancing the standard means providing better products and services and that better products and services must truly be better for patients, providers and payers.

ATS Medical, further, is committed to the development of new and innovative technologies and complementing product and service additions embracing cardiac surgery. The company’s focus remains on the challenges faced by cardiac surgeons as they strive to provide quality care and improved quality of life for their patients.

Code of Conduct
ATS Medical has adopted two codes governing the conduct of its employees. The ATS Medical Inc. Code of Conduct" is a general code of conduct covering all aspects of the Company's business and operations. In addition to the ATS Medical Inc. Code of Conduct, ATS Medical has adopted the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) "Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals" as approved by AdvaMed on September 3, 2003. The AdvaMed Code of Ethics is a specialized code designed to address issues faced by medical device companies and their employees when interfacing with physicians, hospitals and other participants in the health care industry. Employees of ATS Medical are subject to and expected to comply with the terms of both of these Codes. If an irreconcilable conflict between the ATS Medical Inc. Code of Conduct and the AdvaMed Code of Ethics is identified, then the AdvaMed Code of Ethics will control."

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