Academy of Medicine of Malaysia

The need for a professional organisation to assure the maintenance of a high standard of professional and ethical practice had been recognised since the late 1950s. In 1957, the Academy of Medicine was duly founded in Singapore. Unlike the Colleges in the United Kingdom and Australia it was decided that in the context of Malaysia-Singapore, it would be more appropriate to form a specialist organisation embracing all specialities.

Following the separation of Singapore from Malaysia on 9th August, 1965, an autonomous Academy of Medicine of Malaysia was formed in 1966. It was registered on 22nd December, 1966 under the Societies Act (1966). Like the Academy of Medicine in Singapore, the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia embraces all specialities in medicine. The motto of the Academy of Medicine is Terus Maju" ('progress ahead'). YBhg Tan Sri Mohd. Din bin Ahmad, the first Malaysian Director-General of Health, was elected the first Master of the Academy of Medicine. The founder members were to be the specialists from Malaysia who were already members of the Academy of Medicine in Singapore.

In order to maintain a high standard of professional and ethical practice, entry into the Academy of Medicine is based on stringent requirements. Candidates must posses a recognised higher professional qualification and are required to have worked in their respective specialities for a period of five years. Besides this, they should have contributed to a recognised Medical Journal and presented papers at clinical meetings. The applications of the candidates are vetted by the censors who forward them to the Council for approval. The Council admits to "Honorary Membership" members of the medical profession locally and from overseas. The Council also confers Honorary Membership on scientists and eminent persons from other professions who have made contributions in different fields of activity. Members are entitled to use the letters A.M. and Honorary Members Hon A.M. after their names.



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