One of the first things painted by the young Mike Gibson, today Professor of Medicine at Harvard, researcher and interventional cardiologist, was a cloud. Years later while painting angiograms Dr Gibson came up with the idea of myocardial blush: The blush was that cloud of dye in the heart muscle.
In this episode Mike opens up about his childhood in Stilwell, Oklahoma. Ankur and Mike discuss how the inductive quality of art can complement the deductive principles of science. Mike recalls earlier stages of his career and warns about the blinding effect of the ego-driven, competitive culture of cardiology. Ankur asks Mike about fatherhood and about his role as an educator. 


What does it mean to be fearless as a medical professional? How can you protect yourself from the emotional toil of the profession? What is Mike’s advice to early career cardiologists?


Tune in to be part of this in-depth and fascinating conversation on art, medicine and fatherhood with one of the leading figures of interventional cardiology.


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