Nonfluoroscopic Catheter Ablation of a Double-Loop Re-entry Tachycardia Guided by Real-Time Contact Force Information


Nonfluoroscopic catheter ablation has been demonstrated for typical arrhythmias. It is important to note that insufficient contact force may result in an ineffective lesion, whereas excessive contact force may result in complications. Herein, we demonstrate nonfluoroscopic mapping and ablation of a cavotricuspid isthmus–dependent double-loop re-entry tachycardia guided by real-time contact force information. Periprocedural delayed-enhancement magnetic resonance imaging supported the presence of the ablation lesion without any other evidence of a scar substrate for this arrhythmia.

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Eickholt C, Boring YC, Shin DI, et al. Can J Cardiol 2013;29:254.e9–254.e11.