Top 10 in Cardiology & Simple Education partnership

The Top 10 in Cardiology / Simple Partnership:

In March 2016, Simple Education and The Top 10 in Cardiology entered into a unique partnership where selected Top 10 in Cardiology content would be hosted on the Simple Education platform, we are pleased to introduce you to this world class content and this innovative medical education platform that is truly a leap forwards in how medical education is delivered.

Top 10 in Cardiology 2015:

The Top 10 in Cardiology meeting is held every second year and offers 10 sessions dedicated to the latest achievements in cardiovascular medicine. The lectures are given by internationally acclaimed leaders in their fields and the discussions are moderated by experienced and well known chairmen. 

As the number of participants is limited to 180 people, early registration is highly recommended. Limiting the number of participants results in greater opportunity for personal interaction and vivid discussions.

Simple Education:

Simple Education is an online e-learning medical education platform that enables healthcare professionals from across the globe to engage with world class medical education, delivered by leading names in the cardiology world.

Simple Education enables users to purchase individual 'components', typically for £2.99, or whole streams or 'moments', typically for £12.99. This means HCPs can access world class content in their own time, at their office / home and engage with precisely the content they are interested in.

The unique Simple Education algorithm learns and adapts to user behaviour, which means that based on the content a HCP has already engaged with other relevant content will be suggested.

Please see a list of all Top 10 in Cardiology content below:

Cardiovascular disease: today’s and tomorrow’s perspective - Salim Yusuf, MD, PhD -

Robotic assisted cardiac surgery: a vision on present and future implications - Didier de Canniere, MD, PhD -

Hypertension: The symplicity trials: what comes next? - Michael Weber, MD, PhD -

The Athlete's Heart: New visions on adaptation and disease - Sanjay Sharma, MD, PhD -  

Paradigm-HF: A breakthrough in Heart Failure therapy - Scott D Solomon, MD -