NATEC Medical Ltd Receives CE Mark Approval for the Coral® CoCr Coronary Stent System.


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NATEC Medical Ltd Receives CE Mark Approval for the Coral®CoCr Coronary Stent System.

One of the thinnest Chromium Cobalt Coronary Stent available on the market with an innovative Finishing Surface Treatment.

NATEC Medical Without FST    NATEC Medical With FST

NATEC Medical Ltd launches its first Cobalt Chromium coronary stent, for its OBL or OEM offering. It’s a closed cells stent design combining reinforced proximal/distal part to specific lockers all along the scaffold, limiting the longitudinal compression effects and struts flaring.

With a 65μ strut thickness, it provides an excellent radiopacity and a high radial force. Coral®CoCr offers an outstanding deliverability and comformability plateform.

The Coral®CoCr stent has been designed to cover the most challenging cases where crossing and trackability are essentials.

The Coral®CoCr stent manufacturing includes the SealCrimp® process, thus limiting the mechanical constraints during crimping while featuring major retention forces.

“Since BVS are not available in every countries and all patients are not eligible to DES, BMS must always be more efficient and safer. Although indications for this therapeutical option have decreased as clinical results and various meta-analysis became available over the past few months, expressed needs for this type of technology represent nevertheless about 1 million procedures worldwide. Furthermore, National Healthcare Systems around the world have not yet approved the latest technological developments. Yet, these patients still need an effective treatment” said Miroslav SECEROV, VP Sales & Marketing.

About NATEC Medical
Over the past 15 years, the Mauritius based PTCA and PTA balloon catheters manufacturer and distributor Natec Medical has proven to be the Global Partner for OEM medical devices market including Drug Eluting Balloon platforms, to prestigious clients who place their trust in our expertise and quality products. New orientations are driven by strategic business alliances, extended product portfolios and new value services, amongst which a complete crimping department with all the latest machines available. NATEC Medical is a privately held company.

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