NATEC Medical Ltd announces its global solution for the Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold Management

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of mortality around the world. Most of the cases occur in developing countries such as India or China. WHO projections predicts that, by 2020, both countries will encounter for more than one third of the deaths, while affecting ever younger people. These patients should be treated more regularly than the current generation and our present solutions will be tomorrow’s limits.

Peripheral artery diseases (PAD) are the leading cause of lower limbs amputation around the world, with a prevalence of up to 20% in elderly subjects over 75. Current treatments include balloon angioplasty. The interventional community looks forward to the availability of totally bioresorbable scaffolds. Indeed, unlike other metal scaffolds, the tremendous advantage of this therapeutic solution is that it takes between 18 to 24 months to resorb ... “Leave Nothing Behind”

The international community, whether interventional cardiologists or interventional radiologists, is fascinated by the Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold technology (BVS) in the treatment of arteriosclerotic pathologies. This technology is indeed presented as the 4th revolution in coronary and peripheral revascularization. It has the unique benefit of treating the culprit vessel while resorbing by hydrolysis over a period of 18 to 24 months, i.e. a real medical revolution ...

However, and in addition to clinical challenges, new technological challenges have to be faced, such as: - Handling of new components such as PLLA or le PLGA
- Addition of a drug to the various polymers used.
- Radial force due to the limited design of the stent

- Crimping
- Sterilization

Since 2012, NATEC Medical has worked on these new challenges. During EuroPCR 2014, NATEC Medical will announce the launch of a new global solution dedicated to BVS:

            -  SealCrimp - Global Crimping solution.

            -  eBlue – Dedicated eBeam PTCA catheter.

Because crimping is a major step of the scaffold, NATEC Medical has developed a multi-step process optimizing the scaffold/catheter yield. This process respects the amount of stress located at specific points and avoids any stent lifting respecting scaffold integrity.

“Among other parameters, warmth and humidity are the first ones to affect the mechanical and chemical behaviors of a BVS. This parameters are not compatible with standard ETO sterilization, and thus mandates a radiation sterilization. Unfortunately, these same radiations do alter the mechanical properties of the stent catheters, which compel us to elaborate new solutions” said Miroslav SECEROV, Sales &Marketing VP.

With its considerable experience in this area, NATEC Medical offers its partners the opportunity to validate and qualify their technology in its Maeva TechCenter located in Mauritius.

About NATEC Medical

Over the past 15 years, the Mauritius based PTCA and PTA balloon catheters manufacturer and distributor Natec Medical has proven to be the Global Partner for OEM medical devices market including Drug Eluting Balloon platforms, to prestigious clients who place their trust in our expertise and quality products. New orientations are driven by strategic business alliances, extended product portfolios and new value services, amongst which a complete crimping department with all the latest machines available. NATEC Medical is a privately held company.


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