Greenland named recipient of the 2021 Arthur S. Agatston Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Award

Arlington, Va. (April 26, 2021) — The Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) will present Philip Greenland, MD with the 2021 Arthur S. Agatston Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Award at the SCCT 16th Annual Scientific Virtual Meeting on July 16. The award recognizes individuals whose pioneering efforts have saved lives from coronary artery disease — the leading cause of death worldwide.

“It is our pleasure to present this award to Dr. Greenland, whose innovative work has promoted understanding of the value of coronary artery calcium scoring in risk prediction for cardiovascular disease. This in turn has been particularly influential in improving preventive care,” says SCCT president Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, MSCCT. “We recognize the leadership, dedication to patient care, and commitment to mentoring others which Dr. Greenland has demonstrated throughout his career. We’re honored to recognize him for these achievements.”

Dr. Greenland is the Harry W. Dingman Professor of Cardiology and Professor of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. He has been actively engaged as a cardiovascular epidemiologist in the MESA Study, the CARDIA Study, the Women’s Health Initiative, the Chicago Heart Association Detection Project in Industry, and the Chicago Western Electric Study. Dr. Greenland has authored over 350 research reports, book chapters, monographs, and editorials. His work, which has been cited thousands of times, was among the first to reveal that women are more likely to die from heart attacks than men, and his studies illustrated that major risk factors almost always precede heart attacks, overcoming the “50% myth.”

The Arthur S. Agatston Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Award is named in honor of the visionary and pioneer in the field of noninvasive cardiac imaging and one of the world’s leading preventive cardiologists.

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