Cardiovascular Research Technologies (CRT) & Simple Education Partnership

The CRT / Simple Partnership:

In May 2016, Simple Education and CRT entered into a unique partnership where ALL CRT content is hosted on the platform, we are pleased to introduce you to this world class content and this innovative medical education platform that is truly a leap forwards in how medical education is delivered.

CRT 2016:

The CRT 2016 conference was held in Washington D.C. in February 2016. The event continues to be a highlight for the endovascular and interventional cardiology worlds.

This interventional cardiology training event consists of four value-packed days with keynotes, presentations, workshops, a symposia, poster session, and discussions with thought leaders in interventional cardiology and structural cardiology - all of which is now available through Simple Education thanks to the ground breaking partnership between Simple Education and CRT.

CRT 2017 event will take place from the 18th to 21st of February once again in Washington D.C. at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. This year CRT will also host a special round table discussion about women and heart disease and women in interventional cardiology.  

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Simple Education:

Simple Education is an online e-learning medical education platform that enables healthcare professionals from across the globe to engage with world class medical education, delivered by leading names in the cardiology world.

Simple Education enables users to purchase individual 'components', typically for £2.99, or whole streams or 'moments', typically for £12.99. This means HCPs can access world class content in their own time, at their office / home and engage with precisely the content they are interested in.

The unique Simple Education algorithm learns and adapts to user behaviour, which means that based on the content a HCP has already engaged with other relevant content will be suggested.

Please find links to all CRT 2016 content below:

Coronary Physiology: Updates from the Leaders in Coronary Physiology:

Valve & Structural - Imaging the Mitral Valve:

Technology & Innovation - Challenges with Bioresorbable Technology:

Valve & Structural - Optimizing a TAVR Program in your institution - Make it Simple:

Coronary - Treatment Strategies for Protected PCI: A Case-Based Review:

Coronary - New Strategies for the Treatment of Calcified Lesions:

Coronary - Antiplatelet Responsiveness, Genetics, Genomics and Drug-to-Drug Interactions: The Great Debate:

Coronary - The Oral Factor Xa Inhibitor Controversy:

The Thrombin Inhibitors Great Debate: Bivailrudin vs. Heparin:

Coronary - Acute MI Management:

Coronary - Thrombus Management in the Cath Lab:

Coronary - CTO Academy - Best Abstracts:

Coronary - CTO Academy - Module II: Antegrade Approach:

Coronary - CTO Academy - Module III: Retrograde Approach:

Coronary - CTO Academy - Module V: CTO Economics:

Coronary - My Most Complex PCI:

Valve & Structural - Percutaneous Mitral Valve Technologies:

Valve & Structural - Tricuspid Valve New Frontiers:

Valve & Structural - Percutaneous Aortic Valves: Knowledge Gaps in a Maturing Technology:

Valve & Structural - Preventing Complications: Access and Closure:

Technology & Innovation - Showcases of BRS:

Technology & Innovation - Showcases of BRS:

Technology & Innovation - Showcases of BRS: Challenging Cases and Complications of BRS:

Technology & Innovation - Parade of Second Generation BRS Systems Technology Update: Part I:

Technology & Innovation - Showcases of BRS: Part II Expanding Indications:

Technology & Innovation - ABSORB In-Depth:

Technology & Innovation - BRS Show Me the Data: Insights Into the ABSORB Trials:

Technology & Innovation - Metallic & Bioresorbable Technologies: Examining the Potential of Two PCI Therapies:

Technology & Innovation - Japan FDA: Japan - US Synergies In The Second Decade - Opening Perspectives:

Technology & Innovation - Renal Denervation Treatment for Resistant Hypertension: Innovative Technology Update:

Technology & Innovation - A Great Time for Innovation:

Technology & Innovation - MI2 at CRT:

Technology & Innovation - Registry-based Trials and Device Benefit/Risk: Supporting Regulatory Decisions and Best Practice Guidelines:

Technology & Innovation - Advancing the Early Feasibility Study Envelope in the USA:

Atherosclerosis & Research - Imaging OCT/Infrared/IVUS/ MSCT: Workshop and Mixed Case Studies:

Atherosclerosis & Research - How to Build a Successful Clinical Research Program: Part II:

Atherosclerosis & Research - How to Secure a Research Grant:

Nurses & Technologists - Women & Heart Symposium:

Endovascular - Alternative Access for Large Bores:

Endovascular - BRS Show Me the Data: Insights Into the ABSORB Trials:

Endovascular - Arterial Disease of the Aorta and its Branches:

Endovascular - Peripheral Complication Session:

Endovascular - Coronary Complication Session:

Endovascular - SFA Drug-coated Balloon:

Endovascular - The Role of Stent Grafts in the Leg: