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BioVentrix to highlight novel transcatheter left ventricular remodeling approach for Ischemic heart failure treatment at EuroPCR

BioVentrix To Highlight Novel Transcatheter Left Ventricular Remodeling Approach For Ischemic Heart Failure Treatment At EuroPCRSAN RAMON, Calif., May 4, 2015BioVentrix, a pioneer of technologies and products for less invasive treatment of heart failure (HF), announced today its educational activities at EuroPCR in Paris, France from May 19-22, 2015. The Company will showcase its novel procedure known as Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement™ (LIVE™). The Revivent-TC™ Transcatheter Ventricular Enhancement System reshapes the left ventricle (LV) and reduces LV volume by using a less invasive hybrid transcatheter approach to treat ischemic heart failure patients following a myocardial infarction.

The Company is sponsoring a symposium presenting the TransCatheter approach to reshaping and restoring the LV. The focus of the session is to discuss the impact that the LIVE™ procedure has on left ventricular remodeling, the type of patients that can benefit from TransCatheter ventricular enhancement, the impact the device has on ischemic mitral regurgitation, and the clinical data follow-up.

Prof. Jozef Bartunek (Chair), O.L.Vrouwziekenhuis (Aalst, Belgium), and Prof. Claudio Muneretto (Chair), Spedali Civili di Brescia (Brescia, Italy), will be co-chairing the session on May 20, 2015, 12:30-13:30 in room 352B titled Hybrid Transcatheter Treatment of Ischaemic Heart Failure: Left Ventricular Volume Reduction, Scar Exclusion and Reshaping Using the Revivent-TC TM System for Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement TM (LIVE TM) with the following distinguished panel:

  • Prof. Petr Neuzil, Na Homolce Hospital (Prague, Czech Republic): The Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement TM Procedure: Which Patients are Indicated and How to Perform it?

  • Prof. Dr. med. Hüseyin Ince, Vivantes Berlin Krankenhaus im Friedrichshain (Berlin, Germany): Revivent TM and Revivent-TC TM at 2-Year Follow-Up.

  • PD Dr. med. Christian Butter, Immanuel Klinikum Bernau Herzzentrum Brandenburg (Bernau bei Berlin, Germany): The Impact of Revivent TM on Ischaemic Mitral Regurgitation.


“We are very pleased with our clinical results and experience using the TransCatheter hybrid procedure as we have seen the positive impact it has had on our treated patients,” said Prof. Neuzil, the most experienced user of the Revivent technology. “The Revivent-TC System has a clinically proven effect on left ventricular volume reduction and provides a life-saving treatment option for critically ill patients who cannot withstand an invasive surgical procedure. This symposium provides an opportunity to share with our colleagues the benefits of the LIVE procedure and the need to strongly consider it as a viable option in the spectrum of treatment for patients who suffer from heart failure,” continued Prof. Neuzil.

“The Revivent-TC System offers a less invasive ventricular solution for heart failure patients who suffer from ischemic cardiomyopathy by reshaping the left ventricle, reducing wall stress, and decreasing excessive LV volume,” said Ryan Brown, MD, vice president of medical affairs for BioVentrix.

Additionally, the Company will have scientific presentations highlighting the Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement TM during the following sessions:

  • Session: Cardiovascular Innovation Pipeline – Heart Failure

    Tuesday, 19 May 2015, 15:20-16:50, Room Mailliot

    Myocardial Anchoring System: Successful Hybrid Implants in a Single Centre.

    Prof. Petr Neuzil, Na Homolce Hospital (Prague, Czech Republic)

    A Novel Intervention for Ischaemic Cardiomyopathy: Less Invasive Ventricular

    Enhancement TM Using a Hybrid Transcatheter Myocardial Anchoring System. Dr. Sameer Gafoor, CardioVascular Center (Frankfurt, Germany)

  • Session: Next Frontiers in Structural Interventions

    Thursday, 21 May 2015, 12:30-13:30, Room 253

    Left Ventricular Resizing and Reshaping with Revivent TM Myocardial Anchor System: Effect on Mitral Valve Tenting.

    Prof. Jozef Bartunek, O.L.Vrouwziekenhuis (Aalst, Belgium)

    Session: Device-Based Left Ventricular Cavity Reduction in Heart Failure

  • Thursday, 21 May 2015, 14:40-16:10, Room 242AB

    Case Demonstration: Percutaneous Left Ventricular Remodeling using the

    Revivent-TCTM Device.

    Prof. Petr Neuzil, Na Homolce Hospital (Prague, Czech Republic)

About the Revivent-TC TM System and the LIVE TM Procedure

Deployment of the Revivent-TC TM System via the LIVE TM procedure obviates the need for more invasive surgery. Instead, small titanium anchors are implanted on the left ventricular epicardium and on the right ventricular septum via a catheter-based approach. The anchors are then pulled toward one another, effectively excluding the scarred and non-functioning heart wall. The efficiency of the remaining heart muscle is immediately improved, by as much as 30-40 percent, according to data presented at the 2014 EuroPCR annual meeting1.

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NOTE: The Revivent-TC™ Ventricular Enhancement System is currently in clinical trial and is not yet commercially available.

To learn more about the Revivent-TC™ System prior to the EuroPCR meeting, please click here.

Contact: David Schickling, VP of Sales and Marketing, +1-925-830-1000

1 Presented at the BioVentrix sponsored symposium titled “Transcatheter Treatment of Ischaemic Heart Failure: The Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement™ (LIVE™) Procedure Using the Revivent™ Myocardial Anchoring System” at EuroPCR 2014.