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Alvimedica Sponsors a Major Symposium at Euro PCR 2014


Alvimedica Sponsors a Major Symposium at Euro PCR 2014

May 16th, 2014 – Alvimedica Medical Technologies, a leading European company in interventional cardiology, sponsors a major Symposium at Euro PCR 2014 entitled “Meeting the unmet: the Cre8 polymer-free DES”. This event will take place on Wednesday 21st of May from 16:50 to 18:20 – Room 241 – Palais des Congrès – Paris.

During this Symposium the unique Cre8™ Drug Eluting Stent (DES) technologies, the updated clinical results and the foreseen clinical benefits will be presented by international key opinion leaders. Contemporary DES employing permanent polymers have helped interventional cardiologists to advance Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (PCI) in everyday clinical practice compared to Bare Metal Stents (BMS), nevertheless there are still many patients that deserve a better treatment like diabetic patients or patients requiring a shorter duration of Dual Anti-Platelet Therapy (DAPT).

Diabetes is one of the factors impacting more on Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), and 2/3 of the overall deaths in diabetic patients are due to CAD. As of today PCI in diabetic patients still represents an area for improvement for current generation devices; in fact patient outcomes are poorer versus those of non-diabetic patients, and the 1st or 2nd generation DES have not yet been able to provide the expected results in terms of efficacy. Regarding PCI safety, the optimal DAPT duration following DES implantation is still an open debate. The balance between the risk of stent thrombosis and the rate of bleeding events is often driven by the type of device implanted instead of the specific patient clinical status; and this may heavily impact of patient outcome taking into account the complexity and all the co-morbidities of this population.

The Cre8™ distinctive features may represent a new benchmark in DES efficacy and safety. The polymer-free platform coupled with the Bio Inducer Surface is expected to optimize device safety; while the Abluminal Reservoirs eluting the Amphilimus™ formulation, an exclusive combination of Sirolimus with an organic acid, is aimed to maximize device efficacy.

Prof D. Carrié from Toulouse (France) and Dr M. Valgimigli from Rotterdam (The Netherlands) will chair a very interactive session expected to detail what is still unmet in DES clinical performance in everyday clinical practice and highlight the potential efficacy and safety contribution of the polymer-free Cre8TM DES technology.

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Alvimedica is a young, agile company devoted to developing minimally-invasive medical technologies for medical professionals looking for the next level of innovation in the operating room. We firmly believe that working closely with physicians is the best way to improve our product solutions and services; ‘co-creation’ in the interest of patients around the globe – that’s what shapes us as a company. We invite medical professionals to visit our Centers of Excellence in R&D in Turkey, Italy and the Netherlands, to present and discuss new treatment options. Our ‘co-creation approach’ results in a growing and innovative product portfolio for both endovascular and interventional cardiology. 


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