Philips Medical Systems


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Philips' concentration in the United States mirrors the global focus on lifestyle, healthcare and technology. This focus is driven predominately by Philips Medical Systems, now the single largest Philips business in the U.S., accounting for nearly 50% of all Philips employees and sales, matching those of all other U.S. consumer businesses combined.

With the integration of its acquired companies now complete, Philips Medical Systems has emerged with a single focus and the promise of a strong future. Philips offers a robust portfolio of medical systems. The goal of each product is clear, faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment. Our product line includes best-in-class technologies in X-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, PET, radiation oncology systems, patient monitoring, information management and resuscitation products. We also offer a wide range of services. Including but not limited to training and education, business consultancy, financial services and e-care business services.