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British Heart Rhythm Society (formerly known as Heart Rhythm UK) is dedicated to improving all aspects of arrhythmia care and electrical device based therapies along with acting as a unifying focus for those professionals involved. The society was formed in 2005 by the amalgamation of the British Pacing and Electrophysiology Group (BPEG), the British Association of Arrhythmia Nurses (BANA) and the UK Interventional Electrophysiology Society (UKICES). BHRS is affiliated to Arrhythmia Alliance (AA) and British Cardiovascular Society (BCS). BHRS has close working relationships with Arrhythmia Alliance representing patient groups, medical regulatory and advisory bodies and with colleagues in the medical equipment and device manufacturing industries.

Radcliffe Cardiology's AER journal is the official journal of BHRS!

In October 2018, Radcliffe Cardiology and BHRS announced the official launch of their partnership, making Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology Review (AER) journal the official journal of the BHRS. Led by Editor-in-Chief Dr Demosthenes G. Katritsis, AER will now be disseminated directly to BHRS members with the mutual goal to improve patient care and extend lives by treating arrhythmias. 

BHRS President, Prof Richard Schilling, based at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London, commented on the announcement: "The BHRS are very excited about this partnership. Dr Katritsis has created an amazing journal that already educated and informs heart rhythm specialist around the world. We hope that with the support of BHRS members, the journal can continue to grow and fufill its ambitions to be a world-leading hearth rhythm journal Our members will support Dr Katritsis in this mission and will benefit from the opportunity to learn and develop their skills under a very experienced and successful scientific journal editor. Having AER as the official journal of the BHRS is a critical part of our mission to better serve our members and the wider heart rhythm community."

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