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Worlds First Selective Laser Sintering Service Bureau
ATI delivers everything from rapid prototypes to rapid parts. Established in 1990 and incorporated as Accelerated Technologies in 1993, the company is recognized as a leader in the rapid prototyping industry. The company has achieved this status through its experience, capacity, contributions to the industry, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. ATI added rapid cut tooling and injection molding to its portfolio in 1993, and continues to broaden its service offerings.

Developing rapid prototypes, rapid parts, rapid tooling and injection molding for a wide range of industries, ATI serves the needs of product development teams that design mechanical prototypes. ATI partners with designers and engineers to help bring better product to market faster.

  1. Delivering the highest quality SLA, SLS, RTV Molded, Sintered, Cast Prototypes
  2. Providing consulting support to optimize design-for-manufacture
  3. Operating a best-in-class finishing department
  4. Providing service that protects your timelines


Over 800 companies currently rely on ATI for their rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and injection molding needs. The customer satisfaction of these companies is demonstrated by 40% growth over each of the past two years in the number of prototype parts developed.

Multiple Technologies
From our facility in Austin, Texas, ATI has delivered over 200,000 prototypes from the following technologies:

  • Stereolithography
  • Selective Laser Sintering
  • RTV Molding (Rubber Molding)
  • Cast Prototypes


To ensure consistently fast delivery of the very best solutions, ATI has the industry’s top rapid prototyping systems with 11 available materials. The equipment list includes the very latest in technology, including the SLA 7000 and the Sinterstation® 2500plus.

To complement these rapid prototyping technologies, Accelerated Technologies also offers RTV molding. An experienced and talented staff excels at the complicated and challenging projects. And, we don't limit you to a few materials. We will custom formulate a material to meet your specific requirements. Focused. Reliable. Responsive.