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Simplifying Complex PCI: Live Case Using State-Of-The-Art Physiology Assessment With iFR® and iFR Scout™

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Justin E Davies

Justin E Davies


Part 1

Introduction to The Ethos of Live From the Hammersmith

Part 2

Outline For the Live Case Broadcast

Part 3

Importance of FAME 3, Syntax 2 in Disease Assessment in Changing Patient Demographics

Part 4

Introduction of Patient Case

Part 5

iFR Set Up at the Hammersmith

Part 6

Essentials for Good Measurement

Part 7

ABC of Measurement (normalisation, nitrates, and measurement)

Part 8

Measurements and Treatment

Part 9

Use of Sync-Vision and iFR Scout in lesion assessment

Part 10

Review of Case - how physiology changed practice in context of MVD

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to select patients suitable for PCI using the latest physiological techniques
  • Attain first hand knowledge in iFR and iFR Scout
  • Use Sync-Vision to demonstrate co-registration between IVUS and Angiography
  • Understand how clinical trial evidence is evolving to increase appropriate PCI use in patients with complex and multi-vessel disease

Target Audience

  • Interventional Cardiologists and Interventional Fellows performing PCI
  • Nurses and catheter laboratory technicians
  • Medical and physiology students

Faculty Biographies

Justin E Davies

Justin E Davies

Dr Justin Davies is a Senior Research Fellow and Consultant Cardiologist at Imperial College London. He also completed his undergraduate training and continued on to complete his PhD at Imperial after being awarded a British Heart Foundation research fellowship.

Now a leading clinical academic in the field of interventional cardiology, Dr Davies has pioneered several new techniques, including coronary wave intensity and instantaneous wave-free ratio (iFR). He is also published extensively in the field of hypertension and coronary and large artery physiology.

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Videography: Simplifying complex PCI: Live Case Using State-Of-The-Art Physiology Assessment With iFR® and iFR Scout™

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