Increasing The Single-Procedure Success Rate Of Pulmonary Vein Isolation


To improve the single-procedural success and long-term outcomes of catheter ablation techniques for AF, there is a need for durable, contiguous and transmural lesions encircling the pulmonary veins (PV). Measurement of contact force (CF) between the catheter tip and the target tissue can optimise ablation procedures. A new approach to obtain single-procedure durable PV isolation (PVI) using the latest CF technology combined with the CARTO VISITAG™ Module with Ablation Index (Biosense Webster) has been shown in small studies to almost eliminate recurrence of paroxysmal AF at 1-year follow up and to make PVI procedures more reproducible. The use of a standardised workflow is expected to increase the reproducibility of results and to increase the efficiency of PVI procedures.

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Duytschaever M, O’Neill M, Martinek M. Arrhythm Electrophysiol Rev 2017;6:217–21.