HRS 2019: EWI Non-invasive localization - Elaine Y Wan & Elisa Konofagou

Dr Elaine Y Wan (Columbia University, New York, NY, US) and Dr Elisa Konofagou (Columbia University, New York, NY, US) discuss - EWI for non-invasive localisation - Non-invasive localisation of cardiac arrhythmias using electromechanical wave imaging at HRS 2019.

1. Can you tell us about the concept of the Electromechanical Wave Imaging (EWI)?
2. What is the unmet need this technology helps to answer?
3. What are the current strengths and limitations of this novel imaging technology?
4. What are your findings to do date?
5. What further research, in your opinion, is needed?

Interviewer - Jonathan McKenna
Videographer - Tom Green

Filmed on site at HRS 2019 by Radcliffe Cardiology