EHRA 2019: Wait‑and‑see vs. Acute Cardioversion in Recent‑Onset AF


Prof Harry Crijns (Maastricht University Medical Center, Maastricht, NL) discusses the 'Wait-and-See versus Acute Cardioversion trial in Recent-Onset AF patients' with his colleagues Dr Elton Dudink and Dr Nikki Pluymaekers who conducted the trial.

Filmed on site at EHRA 2019 by Radcliffe Cardiology


1. What is the rationale for this study?

2. What was the design of the trial?

3. What was the endpoint of the study and why?

4. Was the wait-and-see approach effective?

5. Did you see any complications?

6. Was the wait-and-see approach safe?

7. Was the wait-and-see approach cost-effective?

8. What are the implications for clinical practice?

4. Was the wait-and-see approach effective?

4. Are further studies planned?

Videographer: Tom Green/Mike Knight

Education Lead: Dr Harry Crijns