On-demand videos from Novartis at the EuroPrevent symposium


  Topic Faculty
12:45–12:48 Welcome and introduction Ulf Landmesser (Chair) 
12:48-13:08 Inflammation in Atherosclerosis: translating science into practicable solution Peter Libby 
13:08-13:28 Clinical residual cardiovascular risk: What are the markers? Wolfgang Koenig
13:28–13:43 Panel Discussion: Advancing standard of care in post-MI patients with elevated HsCRP

Peter Libby

Wolfgang Koenig

Ulf Landmesser

13:43-13:45 Summary and Closure  Ulf Landmesser


The objective of the symposium is to educate on:

  • The role of inflammation in atherosclerosis.
  • That “residual inflammatory risk” is distinct from “residual cholesterol risk” and hence an independent risk factor for atherosclerosis.
  • How residual inflammatory risk can be easily diagnosed with available biomarkers – e.g., elevated hsCRP.
  • The role for tailored therapeutic strategies to reduce residual inflammatory risk to improve outcomes for post-MI patients.
  • Cardiologists