CRT 2019: 3-years BIO-RESORT - Prof Clemens von Birgelen

Prof Clemens von Birgelen (University of Twente, Overijssel, Twente, NL) discusses 3-years BIO-RESORT - results of the 3-arm randomised study in all-comers, treated with contemporary biodegradable or durable polymer-coated drug-eluting stents.

Filmed on site at CRT 2019 by Radcliffe Cardiology



1. What is BIO-RESORT and why was it conducted?

2. Could you summarise the study design of BIO-RESORT and the end-points that were aimed for?

3. What are the key findings that you are presenting at CRT2019?

4. What conclusions can be made?


Videography: Tom Green

Interviewer: Liam O'Neill