Portuguese Society of Cardiology 36th Congress 2015 (SPC 2015)

The development of science progresses rapidly, challenging its application. The “evidence” in terms of outcomes is slow and at the present time, it is appropriate to reflect critically on the cardiology practices so they are not wasted but applied in a personalized context to the patient.

Alongside a constant scientific and technological update, we cannot forget the full and appropriate use of what exists already, the diagnostic or treatment procedures that, although demonstrably effective, sometimes are not yet fully explored. We should move forward, but always well grounded in the precedent scientific steps.

Currently, knowledge spread is incredibly fast. And it's available to everyone, physicians and patients. And yet, along with the coldness of knowledge and with the requirements and needs of patients and physicians, either legitimate or 'illegitimate', there is something that remains through the ages: the art of 'applying' the knowledge. This "Art", in the changing world and in the current economic context, requires an optimization of existing resources and is perhaps one of our greatest challenges as cardiologists.

It is on this perspective that we will put together the scientific program.

Start date
Saturday, April 18, 2015
End date
Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Algarve Congress Palace
Herdade dos Salgados, Guia 8200-424 Albufeira
Phone: (00 351) 217 817 630/4
Fax: (00 351) 217 931 095
37° 5' 28.1652" N, 8° 19' 2.9784" W

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