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National Heart Association Of Malaysia Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

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Dear colleagues and friends,

Before I start narrating the good old welcome message, I would like to ‘sway’ a little bit and suggest the following:

“Click and open your smartphone calendar and mark these dates for the upcoming 2018 NHAM Annual Scientific Meeting!”

“Or scribble it down on a good piece of paper! Yes it is happening on 13th to 15th April 2018.”

As being the premier Cardiology meeting of the year, NHAM ASM strives to continue the great tradition as a solid education platform as well as venue for professional networking.

It is a constantly changing and evolving landscape in medicine. As medical practitioners, teachers and students, we must collaborate, connect and contribute to this vast fluxes of information in motion.

We have put together a group of enthusiastic team of organizing committee members to deliver a solid 2.5-day scientific program, focusing on every single detail and with the very one element which we put at the highest priority in mind: YOU.

NHAM Annual Scientific Meeting has always being built with the participants in mind, and the 2018 rendition will echo just that!

Last but not least, let me record this formal welcome message once again.

Welcome to NHAM Annual Scientific Meeting 2018!

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