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Latin American Society of Interventional Cardiology Congress 2018

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The scientific and organizing committee of the SOLACI-SOCIME 2018 Congress is delighted in giving you the warmest welcome to Mexico.

This cultural mosaic country and expression of the cultural syncretism of our Latin America, greatly enjoys welcoming guests and sharing their practices and traditions.

As every year, this congress has the participation of a plethora of international experts who contribute with their vision and passion to improve our daily practice. Based on this objective, this committee has created an attractive and ambitious program.

The recent and innumerable medical advances demand from the cardiologist and very particularly from the interventionist cardiologist an additional effort to try to understand, re-study and redefine the practice of our current cardiology.

Aware of this vision, the organizing committee has developed a program that involves everything from the essential principles of the disease to the most complex and current details of the technique.

We are sure that this common effort will make us feel satisfied with the quality and academic complexity that will be achieved during the event.

We recognize the great value of the new generations of cardiologists, that is why the PROEDUCAR committee has prepared a program focused on their needs, as well as we recognize the increasingly important role played by technicians and nurses in our daily practice, all together we are the great heart team.

On behalf of the entire Organizing and Scientific Committee, as well as all the medical societies that support this congress and all our sponsors, we want to thank you for your participation hoping to fulfill your expectations.

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